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DT-LAN-CAT6 Surge Protector (CAT5/6/7 Data Line Lightening Surge Protector)

dt lan cat6 surge protector lg
  • Protection for data interfaces
  • Reliable transmission speeds up to 10 Gbps
  • Protective adapter for eight signal paths via RJ45 connector (including PoE+)
  • Suitable for category 6 high-speed data networks
  • Can be installed in a control cabinet by removing the ground connection adapter

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The DT-LAN-CAT6 is a protective adapter to be inserted into the data line for the protection of LAN interfaces and the RJ45 cable.

Surge protection for information technology

Reliable data is indispensable in today’s industry. The sensitive systems used in LANs work with high frequencies at low signal levels and are networked over a wide area. Surge voltages can quickly lead to largescale failures and, in the worst-case scenario, data loss. Data Line Surge protectors are specifically designed to protect your investment in expensive wired, wireless and PoE equipment.

High-speed data protection

If you need effective Lightning, RFI, ESD and transient surge protection for highspeed data transmission, the DT-LAN-CAT.6+ offers universal protection without affecting the signal at network speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

Suitable for the following environments

  • 100/1000/10G-Base-T
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE+) “Mode A” and “Mode B”
  • TOKEN Ring
  • ISDN
  • DS1
  • VG-AnyLAN

Surge protection in accordance with Class EA (CAT6A). RJ45 attachment plug with separate grounding cable and ground connection snap-on foot for NS 35 DIN rails.

Hardware Specs

DT-LAN-CAT.6+ Technical Specifications

Ambient Conditions
Ambient temperature (operation) -40 °C … 70 °C
Ambient temperature (storage/transport) -40 °C … 70 °C
Degree of protection IP20
Protective circuit
IEC test classification B2
Maximum continuous voltage UC ≤ 3.3 V DC (± 60 V DC/PoE+)
Rated current ≤ 1.5 A (25 °C)
Operating effective current IC at UC ≤ 1 µA
Residual current IPE ≤ 400 µA
Nominal discharge current In (8/20) µs (Core-Core) 100 A
Nominal discharge current In (8/20) µs (core-earth) 2 kA (per signal pair)
Total discharge current Itotal (8/20) µs 10 kA
Nominal pulse current Ian (10/700) µs (Core-Core) ≤ 40 A
Nominal pulse current Ian (10/700) µs (Core-Earth) ≤ 160 A
Output voltage limitation at 1 kV/µs (core-core) spike ≤ 85 V (PoE)
Output voltage limitation at 1 kV/µs (core-earth) spike ≤ 700 V
Output voltage limitation at 1 kV/µs (core-core) static ≤ 9 V
Output voltage limitation at 1 kV/µs (core-earth) static ≤ 700 V
Residual voltage at In (conductor-conductor) ≤ 15 V
≤ 100 V (PoE)
Voltage protection level Up (core-core) ≤ 9 V (B2 – 1 kV/25 A)
≤ 100 V (B2 – 1 kV/25 A – PoE)
≤ 15 V (500 V / 100 A)
Voltage protection level Up (core-ground) ≤ 900 V (B2 – 4 kV/100 A)
≤ 700 V (C2 – 4 kV/2 kA)
Response time tA (core-core) ≤ 1 ns
Response time tA (core-earth) ≤ 100 ns
Input attenuation aE, sym. ≤ 1 dB (up to100 MHz/direct measuring)
≤ 1 dB (up to 250 MHz/direct measuring)
≤ 3 dB (up to 500 MHz/direct measuring)
Near-end crosstalk attenuation ≥ 35 dB (250 MHz/100 Ω/link)
≥ 45 dB (100 MHz / 100 Ω / Link)
≥ 27 dB (500 MHz / 100 Ω / Link)
≥ 39 dB (250 MHz/100 Ω/direct measuring)
Cut-off frequency fg (3 dB), sym. in 100 Ohm system > 500 MHz
Capacity (core-core) typ. 12 pF (f= 1 MHz / VR= 0 V)
Capacity (core-earth) typ. 2 pF (f= 1 MHz / VR= 0 V)
Surge protection fault message None
Impulse durability (conductor-conductor) B2 – 1 kV / 25 A
Impulse durability (conductor-ground) B2 – 4 kV/100 A
C2 – 4 kV/2 kA
D1 – 1 kA
Housing material Zinc die-cast
Color silver/black
Mounting type Connection-specific attachment plug and DIN rail, 35 mm
Design Attachment plug for DIN rail mounting
Number of positions 8
Direction of action Line-Line & Line-Ground/Shield
Connection, equipotential bonding
Connection method Cable connection
Connection data
Connection method RJ45
Connection method IN RJ45 socket
Connection method OUT RJ45 socket
Height 102 mm
Width 25 mm
Depth 63.5 mm
Standards and Regulations
Standards / specifications IEC 61643-21 2002
EN 50173-1 2002
ISO/IEC 11801-Am.1 2006
Environmental Product Compliance
China RoHS Environmentally friendly use period: unlimited = EFUP-e
Reach and RoHS Compliant Reach and RoHS Compliant
UL Listed
Commercial data
Packing unit 1
Weight per piece 320.0 g
Country of origin Germany

Application Diagrams

Data Line Surge Protector Application Diagram
Data Line Surge Protector Application Diagram
Circuit Diagram
Circuit Diagram
Protection Against Surge Voltage
LAN systems are safely protected against surge voltage by CAT6 Surge Protectors. Due to the high bandwidth of the surge protectors, the transmission signal is not influenced. All signal wires and the ground conductor must be connected to the surge protector according to the connection scheme. Any DIN rail should be grounded.

Protection Against Surge Voltage

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