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Connect Tech’s Xtreme/GbE 24-Port Managed Carrier Ethernet Switch provides high density, high port count, Carrier Grade Ethernet switching capabilities in an extremely small embedded form factor. Excellent for any space constrained, mission-critical application needing an embedded high-density/high-port count managed Ethernet Switch.

The Xtreme/GbE 24-Port Managed Carrier Ethernet Switch implements on-board magnetics for all 24 ports, so no external magnetics are required for your end application. It has been designed from the ground up to ease enclosure/chassis integration by limiting the amount of cabling required for port termination with the ability to remove all cabling entirely.

The Xtreme/GbE 24-Port Managed Carrier Ethernet Switch uses a specialized high density Board-to-Board/Board-to-Cable configuration for port breakouts. Ports can be broken out via a breakout board / carrier that can mate directly to the XDG024/25 or by mating to a high density high-speed Twinax cable.

The XDG025 is designed for standalone applications, with all thermal extraction on one layer and connector/ cabling on the opposite layer, where as the XDG024 is intended to stack directly into a PCIe/104 stack.