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Expand the capabilities of your PCIe/104 systems, by incorporating PCI-104 cards into your stack. Connect Tech’s PCIe/104 to PCI-104 Adapter enables users to add four PCI-104 compatible boards into either a stack up or stack down configuration.

With a full PCIe/104 pass-through, the use of PCI/104 – Express cards is also possible. The Adapter also accesses the PCIe x1 Bank, leaving the x16 Bank open for more intensive operations.

Standard Usage Guide

For standard usage of the ADG054, simply insert into a host system’s PCIe/104 slot. Connect the desired PCI-104 or PCI/104-Express cards to the Adapter. Remember to set the unique ID for each of the selected cards and that no two boards share the same unique ID.

The LEDs on the Adapter indicate three important things. Each of the three blue LEDs represent a power rail that is part of the PCIe/104 stack. The Red PWR LED displays that the on board PLX8112 chip is being properly powered. Finally, the Red LINK LED displays that the board has successfully connected on the PCIe Lane.

For stack assembly, ensure that proper Electro Static Discharge (ESD) practices are followed.