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This convenient adapter board allows users to install either a PCIe/104 or a PCI/104-Express card into a standard PCI Express system slot.

The adapter features both a PCIe/104 and a PCI-104 connector. The passive PCI-104 connector has all critical PCI input signals tied off to safe levels to avoid damaging a dual-bus card, while at the same time provides extra mechanical stability for PCI/104-Express cards.

Standard Usage

This adapter supports any x1 lane PCI/104-Express or PCIe/104 add-in card. Simply mount the add-in card to the adapter and install the adapter in a PCI Express slot. Most PCI/104-Express and PCIe/104 cards will require the connection of an IDE power cable to the P3 connector on the card. This cable provides the 5V rail to the add-in card.

Once everything is connected, you may begin using the add-in card just as you would any other PCI Express add-in card. No additional configuration is required.