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This handy development tool will pay for itself the first time you push the button. It is essential hardware for the system of every developer working on programs such as device drivers or interrupt handlers.

When a system freezes during software programming and testing, a hardware reset results in the loss of crucial system information, along with valuable development time. The Universal PCI Dump Switch card increases your productivity by eliminating the guess work normally required to debug the cause of the system hang. It includes an exterior push button to trigger a Non-Maskable Interrupt (NMI), which will enable a crash dump, or drop you into your operating system’s debugger.

With this card, a software debugger can troubleshoot events even when the bug causes a complete lock of the operating system. (The PCI Dump Card does not reset the host computer.)

Standard Usage

Download the General Usage Notes, including notes for Windows, Linux and QNX4 as well as general operating instructions.