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Complex communications systems require intelligent solutions, like the robust and flexible NT960/PCI. Built around a 33 MHz Intel 80960 RISC processor with 1 MB of RAM, it substantially reduces serial I/O bottlenecks on the host CPU, resulting in improved efficiency for the total system. This subsystem is available in 16 to 128 port densities, to ensure your most demanding communications needs are satisfied. The NT960/PCI host adapter is fully compatible with all ACM/16 models currently using the ISA bus Intellicon-NT960 host adapter. The NT960/PCI can be purchased as a PCI Host Adapter replacement for an existing Intellicon-NT960 ISA bus system, or as part of a new serial I/O subsystem. The NT960/PCI provides a cost effective upgrade to the high performance PCI bus, without having to purchase all new hardware.

The NT960/PCI system is also available in convenient, pre-packaged bundles, including host adapter, cable(s), Serial Line Interface Module (SLIM) and ACM external module. Click on Part Numbers for package descriptions and part numbers.