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FreeForm/PCI-104 is a reconfigurable FPGA development board with high speed digital I/O that combines a user programmable FPGA with a 32-Bit, 33MHz PCI-104 interface. The advantages of PCI-104’s high bandwidth along with the versatile FPGA architecture allows users to create a high speed data interface and control solution that is uniquely suited to each individual application.

Based on the Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA, Connect Tech’s FreeForm/PCI-104 is highly versatile and provides a powerful platform for system development. Ideal for real-time data acquisition, high performance signal processing, avionics, autonomous vehicles and software defined radio, FreeForm/PCI-104 is perfect for embedded systems designs when used along with an embedded host processor.

Use Connect Tech’s engineering services for FPGA and high speed digital I/O design and software/driver development.