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Connect Tech’s ComSync product family has expanded to include a PCI-104 platform option for your synchronous and asynchronous serial communications.

Based on the PCI bus and a compact form factor, this two-channel, multi-protocol serial adapter offers high performance, reliable, synchronous or asynchronous serial communications for your industrial or embedded needs.

Providing the maximum in flexibility, this PCI-104 card allows you to choose from multiple electrical interfaces, protocols and encoding schemes to ensure your hardware solution is ideally suited to your specific application.

ComSync/PCI-104 is PCI-104 1.0 compliant and includes a PCI-104 stack-through connector to interface with a PCI-104 card stack.

ComSync/PCI-104 Drivers

ComSync/PCI-104 includes driver support for many popular operating systems, including:

  • Linux Drivers
  • Windows Drivers

Contact Connect Tech for more information about a PCI-104 driver to support your specific operating system.