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Network enable all your serial devices with the Blue Heat/Net Ethernet-to-serial device.  Our four and eight port RS-232 or software selectable RS-232/422/485 models enable you to locate COM ports exactly where you want them, eliminating the need for a dedicated, physical PC connection. Remotely control your serial peripherals from any workstation connected to your Ethernet LAN or via the internet. This Ethernet-to-serial device helps you cut equipment costs, while eliminating the time required to maintain and collect information from individual workstations or out in the field. The Blue Heat/Net Ethernet-to-serial device can be configured and controlled via serial interface, or remotely via Telnet or web-based HTTP.

Blue Heat/Net includes an auto-sensing 10/100 LAN interface, and features baud rates up to 460.8 Kbps per port. Each port is independently configurable, and software customization is a breeze. Based on the uClinux embedded operating system, the Blue Heat/Net offers programmers a familiar Linux API. Connect Tech includes a full range of open source development tools via its free Software Development Kit. You can create customized protocols and download them directly to the on-board Flash memory, making the Blue Heat/Net one of the most flexible Ethernet-to-serial products on the market.

All Blue Heat/Net four and eight port DB-9 models are UL Listed and IECEE certified. Link to CB Scheme.

Industrial protocol, Power over Ethernet (PoE) and industrial temperature grade Ethernet-to-serial option models also available.