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FarSync T4Ee – advanced PCIe synchronous / asynchronous card

The FarSync T4Ee is a highly flexible PCIe communications card featuring 4 high speed synchronous / asynchronous / bisynchronous ports with NRZ, NRZI, Manchester Encoding, Conditioned Di-Phase, FM0 and FM1 line signal encoding, fully flexible clocking and a full range of interface signals for RS530, RS449, RS232, RS485 (2 and 4 wire), V.35 and X.21.

T4Ee-300x244At the centre of the card design is a FarSite Communication Controller, a high flexible CPLD that allows the extended range of communications facilities to be supported plus having the capability for further modes of operation to be added, including special or unusual protocols on a custom design basis. Line termination can be software configured line by line.

There is a very wide range of internal clock speeds that can be generated, up to 10 Mbits/s with a total card bandwidth of 64Mbits/s plus the capability for custom clock speeds to be supported through simple software configuration. The 5 clock generators on board permit very flexible routing of clocks between ports including multiplication or division of clocks speed while maintaining clock phase and feeding clocks from one port to other ports.

The card is the 4 port big brother for the 2 port FarSync T2Ee.

For further details see FarSync T4Ee or contact us for further information.


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